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The Hungry Mishka isn’t just a name of just a hamburger shop. It’s a belief. The belief that we serve a mighty good burger, topped with the freshest ingredients and of consistent quality.

'A little stubborn, a bit rough and above all very picky. The Mishka is a bear, that was born in early 2016. Every day he strolls through the forest on his own, in search of a good meal. And with success, daily. His tactics? Don't look at how the other forest inhabitants behave. They all use the same approach anyway. The Mishka is different. As bears do, he only relies on his own strength and follows his own path. He never stops and tries to improve his skills daily. He has enough confidence to know that this search leads him to the tastiest feast that can be found in the forest.’

Trust his skills and try one of our magnificent burgers!

The Hungry Mishka 4 stars after 158 reviews
The Hungry Mishka